Get your body pumped up without pumping iron with our body weight training program. This is for those who do not have the time to regularly go to the gym but still look forward to a good workout .

About Us

Hey, I’m Amy B. Hart the owner of  Trimming Senews. Here, we will teach you how to have a more active lifestyle that helps you reach your health goals. We all know the benefits of  exercise. Sometimes our busy schedules prevent us from doing some gym time. With us, you’ll know how to get a proper workout just using your body weight! Try us out! 

No Equipment Needed

you don’t need expensive machines and equipment to get these exercises done. 

Convenience Guaranteed

not enough time to hit the gym? With these exercises, you can still get some work done 


Shed More with These Tips

Running is perhaps one of the most efficient methods to lose weight, but that doesn't mean it's a magic bullet. In fact, ...

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Simple Jump Rope

A 150-pound person can burn more than 100 calories every 10 minutes doing moderate rope jumping - the same number of ...

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You Can Do this at Home

If you are reading this, then you are one of the people who cannot go to the gym and exercise. But it’s not a bad thing...

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I am a gym rat. I usually workout five times a week in a gym near my house. But after my promotion, I was forced to limit my workouts to two a week. With Trimming Senews, I got to learn how to get a good sweat going by just using my body.

-- Margo Ross

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